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More Conferences in 2012

The 2nd SimHydro Conference will be held in Nice, France from the 12th to 14th of September 2012. Since the conference will be held around the time of the Graduation Ceremony in 2012, it will be a nice opportunity for all the EuroAquae students to participate in this conference. The final date for abstract submission is the 31st of October 2011.

Another conference revolving around the theme “water” is the ICHE 2012 Conference which will be held in Florida, USA from the 4th to the 7th of November 2012. The final date for abstract submission is the 1st of February 2012.

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Upcoming Conferences

We would like to inform the EuroAquae community about the two conferences that would be of interest to them. The first one is the 10th International Conference on HydroInformatics which is going to be held in the city of Hamburg, Germany from the 14th–18th of July 2012. The last date for submission of abstracts for this conference is the 1st of August 2011. More information is available on the HIC 2012 website.
The second conference that EuroAquae students and alumni might want to participate in is the 2nd IAHR Europe Congress. The Congress will be held in Munich, Germany from the 27th–29th of June 2012. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 31st August 2011. For more information please visit the Congress website.

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Several former EuroAquae students and students related to EuroAquae, e.g. through Action 3 and HydroAsia, participated in this years “International Conference on Hydroinformatics” held in Tianjin, China during the second week of September.
One of the students was Carolina Furlan (G4) who shared her experiences with us.
Carolina had the great opportunity to present a paper of her project work at SUEZ Environment (France). It was very interesting for her to observe what kind of tools and methods people all around the world are developing to analyze floods and manage urban waters. However, the conference didn’t only focus on flood management and urban waters but offered a great portfolio of subjects. In addition, the conference was a great platform for networking and gave the participants the opportunity to make new contacts in the professional field. Carolina even had the chance to meet some “celebrities”, such as Mr. Abbott who all of us should be familiar with because of the numerical methods he developed. It also gave her the opportunity to visit China and to meet former EuroAquae students living and working in China.

Mike Abbot, Carolina and Prof. Goubersville

In summary, Carolina was able to see the development of the use of hydroinformatc tools to analyze, manage and solve problems in the water sector. She expects that this development will continue so that EuroAquae students will also not have problems in the future to find good jobs 😉
The next “International Conference on Hydroinformatics” takes place in 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. The focus will be on recent advances in mathematical modeling, evaluating the impact of climate change on the hydrological cycle and the consequences for society and environment. The EAAA hopes for a great number of participants from the EuroAquae community!!
Participants from EuroAquae

EuroAquae students and alumni who participated in the conference.

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Conferences: SimHydro 2010

The SimHydro 2010 conference on Hydraulic modeling and uncertainty will be held at the Polytech Nice-Sophia in Sophia-Antipolis from the 2nd to 4th of June 2010. EuroAquae students and alumni are encouraged to participate in this conference. They won’t have to pay the conference fee and will be provided with accommodation at reasonable rates for the duration of the conference. Current EuroAquae students won’t have to pay the conference fees and the former students will only have to pay the student rates. Places offering accommodation at reasonable rates are listed on the conference website. The EAAA is also considering organising a get-together of the EuroAquae students and alumni if enough people will be attending. For more information visit the SimHydro website.

Update: (7th May 2010) Updated the information about the conference fees for former students.

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The First European Congress of the IAHR is scheduled to be held in Edinburgh from the 4th to the 6th of May 2010. The Third International Junior Researcher and Engineer Workshop on Hydraulic Structures (IJREWHS ’10) is also scheduled to be held alongside this event from the 2nd to 4th of May 2010. Registration for these events is now open. For more information visit the official webpage of the congress and IJREWHS

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