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Gopi and Tong from Generation 5, who recently graduated and are also part of the Coordination board of the EAAA have contributed on a report about the graduation ceremony which follows:
The Graduation Ceremony of Generation 5 (2008‐2010) was held on 3rd September, 2010 at Brandenburg Technological University (BTU), Cottbus (Germany). The ceremony was presided by the Prof. Frank Molkenthin, EuroAquae Director at BTU Cottbus and welcomed all the students and special invitees for the ceremony. The President of BTU Cottbus was invited as the Chief Guest. He handed over the diploma to all the students and wished everyone for their successful career. EuroAquae Alumni Association would like to thank the President of BTU Cottbus who came over in spite of his busy schedule. The ceremony was also attended by EuroAquae Program Director Philippe Gourbesville (UNSA), Janos Jozsa (BUET), Manuel Gomaz (UPC), Dr. Paul Quinn (NU), Dr. Bader (BTU) and other professors and mentors of EuroAquae. Prof. Philippe Gourbesville gave vote of thanks and wished all the future masterminds in the World of water.

Graduates 2010

EuroAquae graduates after receiving their certificates

The preparations for the graduation ceremony were done by former EuroAquae students [Anne (G4), Vikram (G2) and Chi Yu (G2)], our very own Nadine Taube (G5) and the EuroAquae Management at BTU Cottbus. EuroAquae Alumni Association (EAAA) takes this opportunity to thank Frau Nele Zechel, EuroAquae course coordinator at BTU Cottbus for arranging such a wonderful ceremony. Our special thanks to Ms. Nadine Taube without who it wouldn’t have been possible for us to have such a grand ceremony. The diploma distribution was followed by a video presentation prepared by G5 students showing the sweet memories during our two year journey. This was followed by the photo session and drinks.
The management had arranged an official lunch at Mensa (University Canteen at BTU). After the delicious lunch, we started walking towards Branitz Park talking about the journey over the past two years. Sweet aroma of BBQ welcomed us when we came back from the park. We continued talking about our experiences over the past two years. In the end, it was time to bid farewell to all our friends.
Wherever we’ll be, we’ll keep in touch guys!! We guys rocked and we’ll rock forever!!

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EuroAquae Graduation 2010

The Graduation Ceremony for the 5th generation of EuroAquae students was held in Cottbus with the usual zest on the 3rd of September 2010. Congratulations to all the graduates and good luck for your future careers!

Graduation 2010

EuroAquae Generation 5 (2008-10) Students after receiving their degrees.

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Over the past couple of years the efforts of Jean Cunge and Prof. Holz have resulted in the Harmonisation of Semester 1 — a list of topics that should be taught at every location. This list is available online on the new EuroAquae website. We of course understand that due of various reasons it is virtually impossible to have exactly the same content at all the five locations but armed with this information students can act as a sort of quality check by ensuring that at least 80–90% of the topics listed in this list are taught at each location. So in the best interest of EuroAquae and of the newest EuroAquae members please do take a look at the above mentioned page.

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News: EuroAquae website has migrated.

The process of migration of the official EuroAquae website which had been going on for some time is now complete. All requests for the old website http://www.euroaquae.org/ are now being redirected to the new website which can be found at http://master.euroaquae.eu. If you have troubles using the new website or logging into the protected sections of the new site, please get in touch with the webmaster of the new site at “r o o t @ e u r o a q u a e . e u” (remove all the spaces).

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